We are looking for ambitious, talented and motivated students. 你会有激情去做新的发现, 测试新理论的动力, 以及超越和超越的意愿.

博士学位 student looks through a microscope in a science lab at the MG游戏中心


想要了解更多关于MG游戏中心的学位,请查看MG游戏中心的 博士学位. 您可以使用MG游戏中心的研究生申请系统进行申请.


  1. 选择你的博士学位

    Sussex is the perfect place to find a postgraduate research course that allows you to follow your passion and develop your research interests.


    • a Doctor of Philosophy (博士学位) and a Master of Philosophy (MPhil). 有超过50度可供选择
    • 全日制或兼职博士学位
    • all courses start in September and some courses offer additional entry points in January or May
    • 的机会 research students registered elsewhere to visit Sussex.

    Distance learning may be available for some 博士学位 courses. 申请前, you should check whether this mode of attendance is supported for the 博士学位 you wish to undertake with the relevant School.


  2. 查询MG游戏中心的入学要求

    MG游戏中心的具体入学要求列在每个项目上 博士学位.

    你还需要满足MG游戏中心的一般入学要求, usually an upper second-class undergraduate honours degree (2:1) or equivalent international qualification.

    You may also be required to have a 大师 qualification.

    如果你是 an international student, you need to meet our 英语语言要求,或成功完成MG游戏中心的 Pre-sessional英语课程.


    Find out more about our entry requirements for UK applicants

    Find out more about our entry requirements for international applicants

  3. 选择一个研究课题或项目

    If you apply for one of our funded projects or to a research centre or group you will normally be asked to provide a statement explaining your suitablility for working in that area.

    如果你想提出自己的研究领域, you need to decide on a research topic and you will normally be expected to write a research proposal. Some areas may only require a summary of academic interests and they will use this to match you to potential supervisors. 申请前 检查主题领域的要求.

  4. 找到一个主管

    如果你是 joining a funded project at Sussex, you will already have a supervisor allocated to you.

    如果你是 提出你自己的研究主题,你可以 找到一个主管 来支持和建议你.

    If you think you have found a potential supervisor who matches your research area, check their 网络配置文件 for indications of their doctoral supervision capacity. 如果他们对博士申请开放的话,你可以 contact them to check their availability for supervising you

    You can either ask a member of our faculty to be your supervisor if you think they have the expertise to support you or we will match you with a supervisor during the assessment of your application. If you ask to be supervised by a particular member of faculty, this will be considered but not all such requests can be accommodated.

  5. 适用于苏塞克斯

    你可以直接用MG游戏中心的 研究生应用系统.

    你最多可以申请三个研究生课程. 如果你申请一个以上的学位, you must submit a research proposal/statement specific to each area of study you apply for.

    You must submit the following documents when you apply:

    • 研究计划和研究
    • summary of academic interests (this is optional depending on the subject area you are applying for)
    • 学位证书及成绩单. If the originals are not in English, certified translations must be provided
    • your English language qualification, where applicable
    • CV
    • two academic references – including one from your most recent university. Or you can provide contact details for your referees and we will email them.



  6. 申请的最后期限

    You can apply all year round for research degrees starting in September, January and May.


    英国申请: 开课前一个月
    国际申请者: 开课前三个月.

    博士学位 applications received after these deadlines may be considered, but we cannot guarantee you will be able to commence your studies at your requested entry point.

    Where you are applying for funding or scholarships, check the deadlines for your application. In some cases, you may need to have an offer from us before you can apply for funding.

  7. 检查费用、资金和支持

    MG游戏中心有一些 博士资助及奖学金 机会.

    If your application is successful, you will have your 费状态评估. If your fee status is unclear, we will ask you to complete a 问卷调查. If you disagree with the outcome of your fee status assessment,你可以 上诉.


  8. 收到报价

    We will notify you through our 研究生应用系统 if we decide to 给你一个职位.

    你的报价可能包括条件——例如, completing your undergraduate or 大师 degree with a certain grade or meeting our 英语语言要求.

    如果你是 an international student studying a certain science- or engineering-based course you must apply for Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance after you receive your offer.


    If you decide to accept our offer,你可以 notify us using the 研究生应用系统.

    You can still accept your offer even if you have not yet secured funding. However, you should have funding in place when you start at Sussex.

  9. 确认你的位置

    如果你的报价是无条件的,MG游戏中心可能还需要 验证你的资格.

    如果你的报价是有条件的, you should send in your results by email as soon as they are available, 这样才能确定你的位置.

    如果你是 unable to take up your place,你可以 request to 推迟你的入口 to another available entry point (up to a maximum of 12 months).

    If your application is unsuccessful and you are not sure why,你可以 请求的反馈.

  10. 在你去苏塞克斯之前

    You will be sent information about joining us in the months before you start your research.

    For most students, the registration process is completed online. 注册打开:

    • early September, if you are starting at Sussex in September
    • 12月,如果你一月份去苏塞克斯
    • 四月初,如果你五月开始在苏塞克斯上学的话.

    如果你是一个国际学生,你 在英国学习需要签证, you complete most of the registration process online. To register, you need to attend in person, so we can take a copy of your passport and visa.